Bathing & Touch-ups

Basic Baths

Basic Bath: Includes ear cleaning, basic shampoo and conditioner (hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner available upon request)

Small dog short coat: $25
Small dog medium to long length coat: $30
Medium dog short coat: $30
Medium dog medium to long length coat: $35-$40
Large dog short coat: $35

Large dog medium to long length coat: $40-$55

De-matting fees will apply if brushing takes longer than 20-30mins. $10 de-matting fee for each additional 10mins of brushing.

Spa Package Upgrades

All Spa Packages Include: Premium shampoo and conditioner upgrade, teeth brushing, choice of a bandana or bow (ask for available options), choice of after bath scent (ask for available options). Add a nail trim for an additional $5 to any Spa Package!

De-shed Spa Package: Includes 5min de-shed shampoo and conditioner soak, 15min extra brushing. Small dog: $15 / Medium dog: $20 / Large dog: $25

Senior Pup / Skin Treatment Spa Package: Great for senior dogs or dogs with irritated, flaky and / or red patchy skin, includes 10min soak in medicated shampoo with leave in medicated conditioner. $15

Get That Dirty Dog Clean Spa Package: For extra smelly, dirty and / or skunked dogs. Includes 10min shampoo soak and 5min conditioner soak. $15

Deluxe Conditioning Spa Package (for medium to long length coats): Includes 10min conditioning mask & leave on extra conditioning coat spray. $15

Add-ons & Touch-ups

Nail Trim: $10 (or $5 if added onto a Spa Package Upgrade)

Anal Gland Expression: $10

Teeth Brushing: $10

Premium Shampoo Upgrade: $10

Hair Dye: $10 for tail, $15 for ear tips

Face Trim: $10

Eye Trim : $5

Grinch Feet Trim (tops and bottoms of paws): $10

Paw Pads: $5

Poop Shoot Trim: $5

Full Sanitary Trim: $10

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