Woof Woof Meatballs Frozen Dog Food

Woof Woof Meatballs is a beautiful adventure that began with two friends and a common love for dogs. At the time, Loris owned a restaurant and decided to use his Chef skills to create a wholesome recipe for his dog, Bruno. He asked vets what ingredients would meet Bruno’s daily nutritional needs and came up with a baked goody, in the shape of a meatball. One day, as a batch had just finished baking, I stopped by his restaurant for lunch with my pups, and each got to try one. They loved it! I immediately told Loris: “everyone is going to want these… you should sell them!” he said: “if i sold my restaurant, would you do it with me?” I did not hesitate “I absolutely would” His creation, a fresh balanced diet was exactly what I had been researching for my dogs for the longest time, as healthy as I would want for myself. He was not kidding… a few months later, over a cup of coffee he said: “The restaurant is sold, are you in?” and I answered “let’s get started!” So here we are, teamed up and cooking dog food as good as a homemade meal, so our furry friends get to eat as well as well do.