Almo Nature Cat Food

Almo Nature uses the same cuts of real meat and fish that we eat: the fish is caught in the open sea and the chicken is hormone-free for a healthy choice that also satisfies the palate. All by-products are fully excluded from their recipes and no supplements are added. Processing techniques are kept to an absolute minimum to preserve nutrients.

Sorrento Valley Location Carries:
Legend 100% Natural Cans-
Chicken Drumstick 2.47oz
Chicken with Pumpkin 2.47oz
Mixed Seafood 2.47oz
Chicken Breast 2.47oz
Salmon and Chicken 2.47oz
Tuna with Cheese 2.47oz
Tuna with Shrimps 2.47oz
Mixed Seafood 2.47oz
Green Label Pouches-
Shipjack Tuna 1.94oz
Rouge Label-
Jellied Chicken with Apple 1.94oz
Tuna and Lobster 1.94oz